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Providing Small Business Owners and Real Estate Professionals with Legal Services, Helping Distressed Homeowners Obtain Short Sale Approval, and Providing Mediation Services, All Applied with a Coach Approach

Welcome to the Coach Approach Lawyers web site. These pages are intended to provide you with information on the various areas where we provide legal representation. We focus on representing clients in matters involving business law, real estate law, real estate short sales, and mediation. We like to apply a coach approach to our practice. We enjoy helping our clients transform their legal problems into opportunities for personal growth and positive change so that, after working with us, they are able to move on with their lives, unburdened by the problems that brought them to us in the first place.

With over 30 years experience, Philip Daunt is a skilled Monterey business attorney and real estate lawyer, and as a firm we believe in not only supplying our clients with beneficial and successful legal representation, but also in supplying our clients with tools that will permit them to truly be a part of resolving their own legal problems.

We apply a coaching approach in consulting with our clients and representing them in their legal matters. We represent individuals, small business owners and real estate professionals in various real estate and business matters and coach them in finding constructive solutions to any legal issues that may arise. We also help distressed homeowners explore alternatives to foreclosure and represent them if they wish to attempt to negotiate a short sale, instead. In addition, Mr. Daunt has been providing mediation services, helping clients avoid costly litigation for almost 20 years. For more information about our philosophy of combining legal representation and coaching our clients as active participants in their cases, go to: or contact our office today.

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An important part of our coaching and legal representation is helping clients not only resolve their cases, but to also use the legal problems that have arisen as opportunities for our clients to learn and gain personal growth. We believe that such wisdom can have a positive effect and influence on multiple levels, both personally and in our clients' careers and future decision making. We apply this method to clients who need legal assistance in running their businesses such as entity formation, contract disputes, employee matters, partnership or shareholder disputes, or any other business legal issues.

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