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Philip J. Daunt has been practicing law for over 30 years, a great portion of that time being spent on business law practices, real estate matters, and alternative dispute resolution, such as mediation and arbitration. Mr. Daunt has developed a specific expertise in real estate short sale processes. Mr. Daunt believes in the value of not only representing clients but also in allowing them to be an active part of their own case by coaching them.

We represent and coach clients in a wide range of business and real estate cases including business transactions, contracts, real estate transactions, real estate short sales, foreclosure alternatives, and cases requiring mediation or arbitration.

The law firm of Philip J. Daunt works collaboratively with each client to help the clients solve their legal problems and use what they've learned from these experiences in their future endeavors. For more information about our coaching method in resolving clients' cases go to: or contact our office today.

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Through using a collaborative Coach Approach method with our clients we are able to truly pinpoint and determine any underlying issues or problems in their cases that may have led to the larger legal issue. By doing this, we are able to serve our client's best interests and help them learn and grow from their previous legal issues, disputes or other problems that they have encountered in their business and real estate transactions.

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