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Philip J. Daunt is a Monterey small business attorney who provides legal representation to small businesses and small business owners in a wide range of legal fields including entity formation, incorporations, contract disputes, partnership agreements, customer and vendor disputes, employee matters and general business relationships.

Our firm applies a coaching method to each legal matter, in which we work collaboratively with our clients, and through their active participation in their case, they realize and can implement constructive solutions in resolving their legal issues. The end result is a positive change in their business practices that equips them with an ability to navigate through their legal problems in a more efficient manner. For more information about our coaching method of law practice, go to: or contact us online today.

Business Formation Attorney

In any business, questions involving business expansion such as acquiring businesses, forming partnerships, different forms of business formation or new business practices are common factors. Contract disputes, where a company that is being sued or needs to sue another company for a legal reason are complicated legal processes requiring assistance from experienced legal representation. With over 30 years of experience in representing business owners and advising in small business operations, our firm can help protect your company's assets through our legal representation and our collaborative coaching method. We help our clients focus on the important aspects in their business and determine acceptable resolutions for their legal matters or disputes.

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