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Philip John Daunt

Philip John Daunt


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Philip Daunt

With over 30 years experience, Philip Daunt is a business and real estate attorney and mediator who applies a coach approach to the practice of law, working collaboratively with his clients helping them to transform their legal problems into opportunities for personal growth and positive change. His practice focuses on real estate short sales, business and real estate planning, transaction advice, negotiations, mediations, litigation, & conflict resolution.

In addition to representing clients in legal matters involving a wide range of business law cases and various real estate cases, we have experience representing clients who are on the verge of losing their homes to foreclosure, ho want to know what their options are, and who could benefit from implementing a short sale process. In business law, real estate, or in cases where clients are drowning in debt and at risk of losing their homes, we use our coaching method to empower our clients and help them become active participants in resolution of their legal problems. By taking responsibility for their situations and learning from past issues, our clients are given a chance to not only resolve their legal problems, but also to acquire a deeper and more thorough understanding of how they deal with life's problems and how they can benefit in the future from their experience.

For more information about our Coach Approach method in resolving legal matters, go to: www.coachapproachlawyers.com or contact us online today.

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